About Us


Glen and Tammy Galbraith are missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions to the United Kingdom. Glen and Tammy have three grown children with families of their own.  Their son Trevor and his wife Amelia (and baby Evie) along with daughter Lizzy and husband Ethan (and baby Zeke) live nearby and serve faithfully in the church.  Their son Tim and wife Autumn (and baby Lincoln) live and serve in Algona, Iowa.

The Galbraiths ministered as church planters for eight years in Aberdeen, Scotland. As of February 2013, Glen and Tammy are working to revitalise a small existing British church in Havant, England.

Glen and Tammy met while attending Faith Baptist Bible College.  Upon leaving school, they worked in different secular industries before entering the ministry.  Their first full time ministry was as program director at Whispering Cedars Baptist Camp.  After three summers at Camp, Glen and Tammy began looking into opportunities for overseas missions.  They joined BMM in the summer of 2001 and came to the field in 2004.