Prayer Requests – April 2018

It has been awhile since we listed prayer requests on the website, and I apologise for that.  Prayer requests are usually sent out in the monthly gmail to our supporters and friends.  We are careful of listing prayer requests for specific people in our church here on the website as this is available to the general public and sometimes requests are of a sensitive nature.  We are more than happy, however, to share our personal requests on the website.

  • Continued progress on sorting out paperwork for our charity status. this paperwork must be completed before the church can begin its building project.
  • Glen’s brother, Rob, continues to struggle with his cancer.  His cancer levels have risen after several years of the cancer being untraceable in his system.  His chemo drugs have been increased and this seems to be helping.
  • Several people in our church are dealing with issues that can potentially cause a strain on the spiritual life.  Pray that these difficult circumstances will lead them closer to God rather than discourage them.
  • Continued outreach in the community through various upcoming events and personal contacts.